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SomatoEmotional Therapy

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SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is based on the discovery that the body frequently retains the emotional imprint of physical trauma, especially of intense feelings. These emotional imprints often get deposited in the body, creating areas called “energy cysts.” Your body can adapt to energy cysts – those walled-off areas of emotion. But as you take on more stress from the daily bumps and bruises of life, your body can reach a tipping point and lose its ability to accommodate for the energy cysts. That’s when uncomfortable symptoms and dysfunctions can become difficult to suppress or ignore. When your body is ready to release an energy cyst, you may undergo a SomatoEmotional Release. Rest assured, Colleen will create a safe environment for you to get in touch with these long-held emotions – even silently. Sometimes that’s all it takes to allow them to move out of your body. Hanging on to old emotions and reliving them over and over again causes Dis-Ease in the body.  Just let it all go!

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